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Dave Ojay

NAAM Festival

Ojay practiced theatre for 4 years before training in arts administration. Today an Arts manager keen on Green festivals and an environmental 

artivist, pushing for planet’s water resource restoration through art advocacy. His experience of working with international festivals inspired him to pursue cultural events at sites of natural heritage.

Over time, he became concerned about Lake Victoria and many threatened waterways. He founded NAAM Festival in 2015 as a creative activism initiative to restore endangered lakes and rivers to their original grandeur, starting with colonised Lake Nyanza. He curated the #JusticeforLakeVictoria Exhibition officiated by the three EAC 

Chief Justices in 2016 which is today considered a mouthpiece for the voiceless in the struggle for an ecologically safe and clean planet. In his 2019 TEDx Talk on Africa’s water future, 

he believes – ART is an example of a non-conventional medium to decipher complex scientific or environmental concepts to help communities shift from complacency to urgency!

He is also a member The Climate Change Theatre for Action (CCTA) – New York, since 2017.