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Zed Anwar

Creative Art Director

Zed Anwar is an award winning creative based in London, who is very passionate about the environment and our planet.

Previously Zed created the ‘World Without Nature’ campaign where famous football teams and brands across the world, removed the animal from the logo. This campaign was a major hit and now is a yearly event, which grows bigger every March.

This year Zed followed up that campaign with “we need to end our dependency on fossil fuels” concept campaign for greenpeace, which has garnered massive success, with his work being shared all over the world and it was even featured on French national news.

Zed believes creativity can change the world, and puts that to the forefront of his thinking, when he is working on creative ideas for brands.

Creativity is a talent and it should be used correctly as uncle Ben said in Spiderman “with great power comes great responsibility”