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Jonas Skielboe

Velo Concerts

The founder of VeloConcerts, guitarist Jonas Skielboe has always been interested in discovering new ways to perform. After studying classical music in Denmark, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands, his career spans several genres, ranging from flamenco and crossover to rock and experimental contemporary music.

Jonas spent over 20 years touring the world, working in the music industry and discovering different cultures. The ecological footprint of traditional touring schedules led Jonas to develop VeloConcerts as a mobile, ecologically friendly alternative to conventional stage setups. The custom-designed Velostage, created together with Jakob Illera from INSEQ design, comprises high-tech, lightweight materials and mounts onto a premium e-powered cargo bike.

The sound system provides powerful sound for 6 hours straight on a single charge.

With VeloConcerts, Jonas wants to introduce a new way of hosting outdoor events, with a focus on innovation and sustainability: “I would like to inspire a new, socially and ecologically conscious creative community and connect people”. The VeloConcerts office and showroom is based in Vienna, Austria. The company is gaining momentum in the Austrian start-up scene, including a recent nomination in GreenStart’s “Top-10 Startup 2021” incubator programme. VeloConcers is supported by the Austrian Government, the Vienna Business Agency and local cultural institutions. In 2020, the VeloConcerts Austria Tour received national media attention as one of the few possible ways of hosting outdoor events safely during the COVID-19 outbreak. As an entrepreneur, Jonas is passionate about creating a community of like-minded performers and starting a movement. As well as stage rentals, VeloConcerts collaborates with local and international artists to offer complete packages with curated musical programmes.