GEI Summer Speakers Bio

Meegan Jones

Sustainable Event Alliance
Meegan Jones is an industry leader and expert in the event sustainability sector. Her early work in sustainability and music festivals in Australia, thanks to an introduction by A Greener Festival, led to her taking on the role as the first dedicated full-time sustainability manager at major music festivals in the UK (with Mean Fiddler/Festival Republic). Then as a freelance advisor, Meegan developed the early sustainability strategy for Q22 for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and currently is sustainability programme advisor for The Ocean Race.
Meegan is co-founder and board member of the Sustainable Event Alliance, and has just launched a new training programme in event sustainability with the Institute for Sustainable Events.
Meegan wrote the first edition of her book Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide in 2008, and a decade later, this book is in its third edition and sought out by students and professionals as the industry bible.
Meegan’s hand can be seen on industry initiatives such as the ISO 20121, Global Reporting Initiative Events Sector standards, and various events and sports climate and circularity initiatives.