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Robert Trebus

d&b audiotechnik

I have been a director and CEO in the audio and video industry for over 30 years.  My career began in 1980 in my small recording studio in Berlin.  After my first jobs as a sound engineer, I moved to be a sales manager of digital pro audio products.  Over the past few decades, I have held various managerial positions in the European pro audio and video industry.  Because of my work, I received multiple awards for my successful business concepts, innovative products and outstanding projects. 

My professional stations include, 

    d&b audiotechnik, Director Certified Pre-Owned and Remanufacturing 

    Panasonic Europe, Manager DACH, Audio, Video and Broadcast 

    Media Logic Gesellschaft für Medien Systeme, CEO und Geschäftsführer 

    Avid, Director Audio, Germany, Austria 

    Fairlight, Director Europe 

    Lightworks, COO 

    Fairlight On-Air, President