Go Chris Go!

//Go Chris Go!

Go Chris Go!

Calgary Centre’s coming by-election is turning into a three-way race as Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt loses ground to the Green Party and the Liberals, a new poll suggests. And Chris Turner, the Green Party Candidate, is one of our volunteer festival assessors in Canada – so we just have to say – GO CHRIS – GO!

Calgary is Canada’s oil capital ,with oil and petroleum a key economic driver.  The Globe and Mail report that a Forum Research poll of 376 randomly selected residents puts Ms. Crockatt in first place – but pegs her support at just 32 per cent, down from 48 per cent in a similar poll held two weeks earlier. Liberal candidate Harvey Locke had the backing of 30 per cent of those surveyed, while Green Party candidate Chris Turner received 23 per cent of recorded support in the November 12th poll. NDP candidate Dan Meades trailed the group, with 12 per cent of surveyed residents’ support.


The Globe and Mail

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