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Who are we?

A Greener Festival is

a not-for-profit company committed to helping events, festivals and venues around the world to adopt environmentally efficient practices.

We provide information, education resources and facilitate the exchange of good ideas. The purpose of this site is to provide information about how environmentally efficient methods are currently being employed at music and arts festivals and to provide information about how the impact of festivals on the environment can be limited at future events. We hope to do this by building an exchange of the best ideas from greener festivals around the world.

About This Website

The site is divided into sections looking at areas where festivals organisers and their audience can make a difference.

We know that not every festival can adopt every idea – although the original research for this site showed that some festivals have no environmental policies at all!

But even tackling just one area – whether it’s having a coherent waste recycling plan or having policies to promote the use of public transport or to minimise land damage – will help.

Please keep in touch with us! You can email us here if you have any thoughts, comments, or anything you’d like to share or see on the site.

AGF Award

A Greener Festival Award was set up in 2007 and has been growing each year. For a very small fee to cover our expenses, A Greener Festival will send an auditor to your festival to assess what measures you are taking to make your festival as green as possible.

Why Apply?

Aside from the publicity gained from being part of the awards scheme, the process ensures that events complete an Environmental Impact Assessment to understand, set targets, monitor and improve environmental performance. This is beneficial not only for our environment and the industry as a whole, but also sets events at competitive advantage to those who don’t grasp this vital knowledge.

See our AGF Award page to apply and get started.


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