eotr1Our website hopes to be a real resource on sustainability for event and festival organisers, venues, bands and performers, suppliers, the academic community, and students. Now we are looking for more material for our site. If you have WRITTEN a PAPER or an ARTICLE, conducted RESEARCH, or even have a summary of an undergraduate or postgraduate DISSERTATION that covers any element of sustainability at events we might be interested and we would be happy to look at anything you have written with a view to publishing your work.  You would need to be able to:

– grant us a non-exclusive licence (permission) to use your work on a royalty free basis. If the article or piece is co-written then you must have the agreement of all the authors.

– grant us permission and use  (copyright cleared) of any images you might want to include

– send us text in the English language as a Word document. If you wrote the article in another language we can publish in that language, provided we have the English translation.

– send us any images as jpegs (no more than 1MB per image). See the email link below.

We are looking for papers and articles that cover INNOVATIONS and best practice in event sustainability. These might be on

welovegreen– Waste reduction and waste management including re-use and recycling

– The problem of campsite waste at festivals

– Sustainable power

– Water use and saving water

– Food and food waste – and how to manage this

– Audience transport

– Noise

– Reducing environmental and land damage

– New innovations at venues

– Audience perceptions and behaviour


Solar power at the San Francisco Kingsday Festival stage

What sort of articles?

We would be interested in articles, updates, research, papers and even dissertations from events, event organisers, suppliers, academics and students. These can be unpublished or, if you can permit republication, existing published items. Suppliers would need to ensure their piece is a bona fide article or update which has validity beyond just advertising or promoting that supplier’s services or goods. Events and event organisers can send us ‘case studies‘ but please make sure the are identified as such. Student research and dissertations, both undergraduate or preferably postgraduate, can be considered but you must send us a summary rather than the full dissertation. We will maintain editorial control and retain the right to edit, or reject any submissions.  Any submissions which are accepted will be published at www.agreenerfestival.com. You will receive proper credit for your work.

So please get submitting! Please email anything you want considered as a Word document to agreenerfestival@aol.com with ‘ARTICLE’ in the subject box and please include contact details.