Climate Change-Friendly Transport Solutions at GEI

//Climate Change-Friendly Transport Solutions at GEI

Climate Change-Friendly Transport Solutions at GEI












With less than six weeks to go until GEI10 kicks off, we have more exciting panel news to share with you…

As we all know, audience, artist and production travel create one of the most significant adverse environmental impacts in the case of most festivals and events. Whilst some initiatives can be implemented to try to reduce this impact, in many cases it can feel like an unknown – or out of the organisers’ control. Which brings us to our next panel…

Session – Tame the Transport

In this session, Liz Warwick of Lansdowne Warwick Sustainability Consultancy and consultant for Cambridge Folk Festival, will demonstrate how we can better understand and therefore reduce transport impact at events.

The process of data gathering and analysis can yield a wealth of valuable information when attempting to green an event, and can help focus efforts and create initiatives in those areas that can significantly reduce emissions.The session will look at understanding the audience and other stakeholders in order to encourage change through targeted approaches. Analysis may seem time consuming but the very process of data gathering engages all sectors and encourages dialogue that can lead to reduced emissions.


Liz is a sustainability consultant who advises on improving the performance and carbon footprint of productions, events and venues.

She is also qualified in the environmental design, construction and assessment of commercial buildings; and corporate environmental management systems.

Liz works with Cambridge Live’s Cambridge Folk Festival on their green initiatives, which has resulted in the event being awarded several A Greener Festival Awards including Outstanding, 2014; and Highly Commended, 2017; as well as receiving the overall UK Greener Festival Award in 2016.

Liz is a committee member of Powerful Thinking, contributing to The Powerful Thinking Guide: Smart Energy for Festivals and Events, and has worked with Energy Revolution on The Energy Revolution Travel Guide, as well as on tools and calculations.

She also advises large organisations such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, AMEX and the Ethical Property Foundation, on compliance and minimising energy. For Sony, this includes all their UK travel, offices, studios, and location filming, as well as advising on their corporate ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Catch Liz at GEI10!

To find out more about the Green Events and Innovations Conference, click here.

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