A new Guide to Reusable Bar Cups at Events launched by RAW

//A new Guide to Reusable Bar Cups at Events launched by RAW

A new Guide to Reusable Bar Cups at Events launched by RAW

The RAW Foundation have published the Guide to Reusable Bar Cups at Events, the final resource for events in the AIF’s ‘Drastic on Plastic’ campaign. The publication was enabled with funding support from the Event Industry Forum (EIF). Melinda Watson, founder of RAW Foundation said ” The festival industry is showing leadership by taking action. Recycling is important, but it is far from the solution” and Chris Johnson, co-writer of the guides and adviser for the Drastic on Plastic Campaign added “There’s loads that festivals can do to design out disposable plastics such adopting reusable cups, banning drinks sales in plastic and encouraging festival goers to bring re-fillable water bottles. Festivals inspire change in people, so we can help create the new normal – a better normal”.

The new Guide provides event organisers with comprehensive information about why to choose reusable cups rather than disposables, the environmental benefits, tips on how to manage reusable cups onsite, and examples of how festivals have been successful.

The Drastic on Plastic Action Pack also includes the Plastic Free Festival Guide, which provides an overview of the action events can take, a festivalgoer guide, and templates for an A6 lanyard mini-guide.

Organisers of more than 60 independent festivals in the AIF have signed up to the Drastic on Plastic pledge, committing to banning the use of plastic straws on-site this season as a minimum first step – and eliminating all single-use plastic at their events by 2021.

Changing to reusable bar cups is one of the key changes organisers can make, and is being adopted by more events every year, with festivals such as Shambala, Downl

oad, Glastonbury and many sports sector events and venues using them.

The core message of the campaign is ‘re-use not single use’. RAW Foundation is working across the event industry to inspire change toward a ‘pointless plastic free’ world, and is presenting a new conference at the Showmans Show on Thursday 18th October. The program includes experts discussing measures that can be taken to eliminate single use plastics at events and by companies, a masterclass in values-based marketing from global branding pioneer Ed Gillespie of Futerra, presentations from innovative suppliers and networking.

The guide can be downloaded HERE  https://aiforg.com/drastic-on-plastic/


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