2012 Games green guidelines published

//2012 Games green guidelines published

2012 Games green guidelines published

olympics2The organisers of  London’s 2012 Olympic Games have published sustainability guidelines aimed at cutting the environmental impact of  events leading up to the games.  David Stubbs, head of sustainability for London 2012, which is delivering the games alongside the Olympic Delivery Authority, said: “Between now and 2012, we will be holding any number of events, from press conferences to cultural events and our guidelines will ensure they are arranged and run in the most sustainable way possible” adding “We are fully committed to ensuring that our games and everything that happens in the run-up reaches the highest possible standards in terms of sustainability.” The first edition of the guidelines is part of London 2012’s bid to comply with the new British Standard for a Sustainable Event Management System (BS 8901), which it helped develop.  The guidelines cover ten topic areas, including venue selection, impacts on venue and local area, transport and travel, sourcing products and services, health, safety and security, energy consumption, catering provisions, waste and cleaning, communications and giveaways (and London 2012 says it is keen to “challenge” the culture of freebies, delegate packs and gifts towards a “more sustainable approach”.  Organisers sady they will be reviewing the guidelines to see how they work in practice and releasing updated editions and that Games events, including test events, the torch relay, opening and closing ceremonies, will all be subject to a “full sustainability management system”.

To read the guidelines in full go to www.london2012.com

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