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Code of Conduct

Associate members of A Greener Festival commit to uphold the organisations Code of Conduct:

  1. Actively seek to minimise the organisations impact on the environment, and strive to make positive social and environmental impacts.
  2. Enshrine consideration for environmental and human rights impacts in all of our purchases and decision making processes as an organisation.
  3. Take action to further the advancement of environmental sustainability within the event sector, including sharing knowledge and where appropriate participate in industry actions and relevant consultations.
  4. Support and promote schemes, organisation, companies and others that strive to make a positive social and environmental impact through their activities.
  5. Do not deal with those who are involved in the production, sale and distribution of arms and ammunition.
  6. Do not deal with those involved in non-sustainable exploitation of resources and harmful activities in forestry, agriculture, mining and fuel industries.
  7. Do not deal with those who exploit the individual and / or who do not respect the basic human rights enshrined in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  8. Remain informed and uphold the laws, policies, and regulations applicable to work, and professional and volunteer activities.
  9. Do not discriminate based on but not limited to gender, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, race, ethnic origin, religion, age or disability, or any other condition or requirement.
  10. Conduct business and operations with integrity, honesty, due diligence and within the law.
  11. Do not deliberately make misleading or false claims about environmental actions and performance.