Green olive, black olive

//Green olive, black olive

Green olive, black olive

This from the wonderful IPKat blog:
Is global warming a reality, or an unsubstantiated myth? Whatever the scientists may say, the global warming is starting to be felt in that iciest and most remote area of the world, the European Commission. An application has been made to the Commission for amendment of the Protected Designation of Origin specification of LA BELLA DELLA DAUNIA olives, from Italy. Among the amendments sought is this:

“‘Description’ in the summary sheet published in 1999 envisaged an indicative harvest date of 1 October, while the specification published in 2000 distinguished between two harvest dates, setting the starting date for green olives as 1 October and for black olives as 25 October.

With regard to the 2000 specification, it has become necessary to bring forward the harvesting of the black olives to 1 October too, since, as a result of changes in climatic conditions, the olives can already be turning colour or have matured as at that date, with wine-red colouration“.


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