Welcome to A Greener Festival Messages

//Welcome to A Greener Festival Messages

Welcome to A Greener Festival Messages

agflogoThis is where messages sent to AGreenerFestival.com will be posted.

Whether it’s tips and advice for other readers, green/festival related events, suggestions for websites/suppliers to visit for your greener festival needs or just emails that the Greener Festival Team want to circulate – this is where you’ll find them.

If you want to post a message on this page; please email us at: agreenerfestival@aol.com (include the name you wish to be posted, a subject, a short message and attach any pictures if necessary).

We will put messages up as quickly as possible; although we didn’t want to provide a forum where anyone can post to because we want to put up messages that we fully endorse and that will be useful to you, the reader).  We are happy to promote events etc, so long as they are relative to the AGF brand.

Many thanks,

Luke Westbury
A Greener Festival Co-Founder

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