Brilliant Bonnaroo gets greener again

//Brilliant Bonnaroo gets greener again

Brilliant Bonnaroo gets greener again

Bonnaroo continues to be a leader in environmental awareness within the festival circuit.  In 2009, Bonnaroo concentrated on a “Buy Local” message, and improved their energy footprint by installing new electrical capabilities.  This allowed them to plug directly into the local power grid, and reduced their energy consumption in the process.

The message of sustainability was present throughout the entire festival, and in reality, starts before concert goers even come to the venue.  Most information about what they are doing can be found on the website, where a rideshare message board helps people reduce their footprint by sharing travel expenses, resulting in less gasoline used up (and carbon emitted!) from people getting to Bonnaroo.

One of the greatest successes that Bonnaroo offers is its educational efforts.  Whilst the organisers’ many attempts at reducing the impact of the festival are to be applauded, the greatest change comes when the people who attend Bonnaroo take their knowledge home with them and spread it to their communities.

Bonnaroo’s many areas of education include the necessity of carbon reduction, the need for composting, reducing bottle water usage, viable uses of solar energy, recycling everything possible, and reducing the use of unnecessary items.  They continue to strive to examine different areas in which they can improve, and it shows by the continued additions of environmental actions.

Photos and words: Greg Keyser

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