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stiltsrfm1Real Festival Music is a website dedicated to the Green Festivals and the musicians who play at them. Now in its 8th year, it provides festival listings with a “green star” system to show those festivals that have a notable green component. It sells CD’s from many of the bands, both established and emergent, that frequently play at the fests, and provides high-quality photographic reviews of both popular and lesser-known festivals.


Site owner Trev says:

“Were just off to the Big Green Gathering, probably the greenest festival of all, with our new photographer Maggie Lambert MA from the Royal College of Art, to add to our already comprehensive photographic coverage of this festival. Big Green Gathering is powered solely by clean power sources…No generators are allowed anywhere on site.”


The green-orientated festival listings page is a good motivator for all festivals to increase their awareness of the importance of the low-carbon-footprint and maybe to get advice from “A Greener Festival” on how to achieve that.


Without music there would be no music festivals and the hard-working performers are not only featured in the photo reviews but are also represented on Real Festival Music by a CD sales page.  Real Festival Music is one of the growing number of up-and-coming online festival companies, contributing to a more sustainable and livable future for all.


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