350ppm – volunteers needed for this Saturday!

//350ppm – volunteers needed for this Saturday!

350ppm – volunteers needed for this Saturday!

This Saturday (24th Oct) is the International Day of Climate Action, and in London they are holding a particularly great event, that’s super-easy and fun to join. The message they are trying to get the to policy makers with this stunt is spot on. We should be aiming for 350 ppm CO2. Please circulate this to your friends and colleagues in London or surrounds!

You can help combat climate change:

In December, politicians and other decision makers gather in Copenhagen to decide on emissions targets for the next 10 years – how much pollution is allowed in the atmosphere. The problem is that if nothing changes, they’re all set to negotiate for the wrong target. How wrong? Disastrously wrong. The latest science is clear that we need to be more ambitious that previously thought, and should be aiming for a target of 350 ppm.

Sat 24th, 14:00 sharp – the big London aerial photo We’ll be joining over 100 countries in calling for world leaders, NGOs, and businessmen to make the right choice in December. We’ll congregate on the Jubilee Gardens in front of the The London Eye and voice our message of “350”. We’ll be creating a human art piece with our bodies – spelling out a giant “5”. This will join 3s and 0s from other cities around the world, in a show of solidarity. Please be there at 2pm sharp. We’ll get into formation for the aerial photographs, which will join those from around the world, and even be displayed on the big screen in New York’s Times Square. (Let us know on the day if you’d like a copy!). We should be done by 14:45. Click here for a map Bring: nothing extra – just friends, family, a smile, and as many other people as you can. Wear: warm comfortable clothes. We’ll have media there to hear our message, and carry it forward.

We’re relying on you to spread the message about this event, and make the photo really incredible. Please see http://www.london350.org/Event.

Let’s empower our decision makers to make the right choice in December, and help avert climate change disaster. See you on Saturday 24th – 2pm!

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