A message from Greenpeace

//A message from Greenpeace

A message from Greenpeace


It’s all down to these last few days. World leaders have begun arriving in Copenhagen and they have until the end of the week to agree a global treaty that will save our climate.

Gordon Brown in 2020 - I'm sorry

Billboards like this one appeared around Copenhagen last week. We need your help to make sure this future does not become a reality. Follow our updates online to find out what you can do to help.

We are now more than half way through the two-week UN climate summit and there are three issues that are going to make or break it:


    • Developed countries need to commit to greater emission reductions so that they are in line with what the science demands;
    • We need long term commitments of around £100billion a year to pay for climate action in the developing world and to help end deforestation by 2020;
    • We need a legally binding treaty to ensure the words become action.


This is vital for the survival of millions of people.

There is still time to do the right thing, but unfortunately it seems that some developed nations are more interested in an agreement that can be heralded as a success rather than one that has environmental integrity.

This is where you come in…

Pressure from people like you all over the world has brought the world’s leaders here, and now we need to keep the pressure on to make sure that they follow through with action to reduce green house gas emissions. We cannot allow them to fail.

So, as the summit comes to a close this week we need your help to make sure the truth is told and we hold our leaders to real action on climate change.

Please follow our Twitter, Facebook, or email updates from the summit, and be ready to spread the truth as the summit finishes. Take a minute to spread the outcome via twitter, your facebook status, by mobile – wherever you can to tell as many people as possible.

We cannot let leaders leave Copenhagen without knowing that we want them to take the action that science demands in order to protect our planet and the millions of lives threatened by climate change.

I sincerely hope we will all be celebrating on Friday night, but if not, we must act together to change the future.

Jamie Woolley
16 December 2009

PS. You can also make a vital contribution by joining Greenpeace with a direct debit or making a one-off donation by credit card. Thank you!


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