First flight of the Phoenix fails

//First flight of the Phoenix fails

First flight of the Phoenix fails

The Green Phoenix Festival has been CANCELLED. Organisers took the decision due to insufficient advance ticket sales, and said they had no option but to cancel the festival, in order to be able to refund public tickets and deposits from traders. 

Festival director Jim Lepingwell said: “We recognize that purchasers may have been waiting to buy tickets on the gates, but we could not professionally take the risk to allow suppliers and traders to set up and artists to travel to us without guaranteeing them an audience. Over the past few months we have taken every step possible to ensure that the festival could go ahead. We are devastated to be cancelling the festival, however we felt it was responsible to do it at this stage so we can completely refund the tickets and deposits. Had we started the set up of the festival as planned for Monday, we would have incurred considerable costs. As it is, all the ticket money and deposits are safeguarded and we are able to completely refund ticket-holders and traders. We want to thank everyone who has supported us this year and the team who have worked very hard to put together the amazing event we had planned.”

Organisers hope to find a way to make some of the music and events happen as smaller events and will let people know as soon as these are confirmed.  Please see

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