Green Events Europe – what a show!

//Green Events Europe – what a show!

Green Events Europe – what a show!

Marie (Rosklide), Ben (A Greener Festival/Glastonbury), Jacob (Green Music Initiative), Niklas (Way Out West), Holger (Green Events Europe/Rhinekultur) and Alfredos (Boom)

Delegates from across Europe spent two days in the lovely city of Bonn debating, learning, discussing, networking and having some fun too at the fabulous  Green Events Europe conference.  A predominantly festival based event in 2010, the conference had been widened in 2011 to cover all live events and attracted attendees, speakers and panellists from Portugal, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Germany and the UK. Topics covered included a waste management workshop, a review of climate change science, an investigation and practical debate on carbon footprinting a live event, presentations on green camping and green catering, presentations on stakeholder communication,  an explanation of ISO 20121, two technical forums, a panel on creating a green campaign and a lively debate on ‘how can any event be green’ . On top of this there were  visits to a waste sorting centre and a ‘waste to energy’ plant in Bonn – and a gala dinner for delegates in Bonn!

This year’s Green Events Europe conference has put the music industry’s green efforts at the heart of the move to a sustainable future. With an amazing collection of high profile and expert speakers and panellists, and informed delegates from across Europe, Green Events Europe offered real practical advice on moving to a lower carbon future. Climate change is effecting all of us, and the live events industry is not immune to this – we have already had two serious weather related tragedies in 2011 in the USA and Belgium, and we now all need to work together to adopt environmentally friendly practices. Green Events Europe was the place to learn and exchange ideas on green events in the autumn of 2011.

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