End fossil fuel subsidies!

//End fossil fuel subsidies!

End fossil fuel subsidies!

As the Rio+20 Earth Summit draws near, Earth Day Network has joined a diverse coalition calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies. Their combined global petition now has over 990,000 signatures! They wanrt your help to reach a million this week! Sign the petition here:www.earthday.org/rio

Last year alone, governments gave over $500 billion to some of the richest corporations on the planet to promote fossil fuel extraction and use. EDN say they need to send a strong message to world leaders gathered in Rio: Fossil fuel subsidies drive climate change, drain public resources, and make it virtually impossible for clean energy sources to compete in the market. EDN say that if we’re going to jumpstart the green economy and chart a course to a sustainable future, they must end.

Once you sign the petition asking leaders at Rio+20 to create a plan to phase out fossil fuel subsidies around the world, please share it with friends: 

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