Green Touring – speakers announced for Berlin

//Green Touring – speakers announced for Berlin

Green Touring – speakers announced for Berlin

Screen_shot_2013_08_09_at_4.50.42_PMThe confirmed speakers for the Go Group’s September 5th-6th Seminar at the Berlin Music Week have been announced and it’s an impressive line up

Thomas Kläser, PA TEAM (Event Technologies)
Teresa Moore, Bucks University / GO Group (Innovations)
Björn Moschinski, Vegan Headchef (Catering)
Roman Dashuber, Green Club Index (Venues)
Michael Müller, Energie Agentur NRW (Energy Efficiency / Innovations)
Simon Stürz, Artlogic Stagehands
Thies Schröder, Ferropolis / Melt! / Splash (Venue)
Ole Plogstedt, Rote Gourmet Fraktion (Catering)
Christoph Huber, St. Gallen Festival / Yourope Festival Association (Event)
Holger Jan Schmidt, Green Events Europe, Das Fest Karlsruhe / GO Group (Booking)
Jacob Bilabel, Green Music Initiative / GO Group
Carl Martin, ILMC Production Meeting / Budapest Arena (Venues)
Katrin Hall, Modeselektor Managment
Jörn Fischer, Anschutz Entertainment Group 1Earth
Hendrik Haase, Slow Food Youth Network
Nadja Flohr-Spence, Schnippeldisko
Kai Müller, O2 World Hamburg
Rainer Schüler, ESPRIT Arena Düsseldor

Topics covered will include Artists / Management, Travel / Logistics, Catering / Merchandise, Locations / Venues, Technology / Innovation and Best Practice Cases


For registration details please email and see

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