How to keep your house warm

//How to keep your house warm

How to keep your house warm

warmhouseEven if you have a solid wall house, you can get rid of cold damp interiors by refurbishing your house to maximise energy conservation:

– use external wall insulation

– use foil faced insulation to line the roof

– insulate the floor – its a big job digging out 30cm of dirt you can put silver EPS under a new floor

– Windows: triple glaze!

– Walls – make sure external wall insulation overlaps window frames and goes down to the flooring and up to the eaves

AND ……

– Heat recovery fro warm air: make the house air tight with breather membranes  and install a ventilator system for heat recovery (MVHR).  This removes warmth from air in the bathroom and kitchen and rewarms fresh air in the bedrooms and lounge

– Install solar PV panels on your roof

And watch your fuel bills go down and down!


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