Shame on the Faroe Isles

//Shame on the Faroe Isles

Shame on the Faroe Isles

Captain Paul Watson's photo.

Update From the Faroes 1705 Hours (Faroes Time) from Paul Watson

The Grind on the island of Vagur at Borg Beach is underway. On this same beach on June 10th they viciously slaughtered 110 whales and now they want to take between 100 and 200 more. It does not look like the whales can escape. The BRIGITTE BARDOT has been stopped by the Danish Navy.Two Sea Shepherd crew from the BARDOT have been arrested by the Danish Navy. All the courage and determination in the world cannot overcome the power of a Naval Frigate and an armed patrol ship. The police are on the beaches protecting the armed mob of whale killers from any acts of kindness that might occur.

What is about to happen in a few minutes is a disgrace to humanity, to the Faroe Islands and to the nation of Denmark and every Danish citizen. It is a disgrace to Europe and is a blatant violation of European Union law.

Within minutes the screams of the whales will pierce the air, the shouts of sadistic joy from the killers will attempt to drown them out. The knives will stab, the lances will penetrate innocent flesh and the entire families of whales will be extinguished in pools of hot blood as calves die alongside their mothers and mothers watch in horror as their children are mutilated in a human orgy of slaughter.
Is this what you are all about Denmark. Is this the image you wish to present to the world. The red on your flag represents the blood of innocent, self aware, intelligent sentient beings. And they are dying for what? The Faroese do not need to eat their flesh. They are dying in the name of archaic traditions that no longer have any place in the 21st Century, they are dying so that the men of the Faroe Islands can validate their existence in a circus of cruelty and sadistic pleasure.

Paul Watson, Captain of Sea Shepherd

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