Arcadia goes spectacularly green for Bristol

//Arcadia goes spectacularly green for Bristol

Arcadia goes spectacularly green for Bristol

arcadia biofuelThe world’s favourite spider men and women, Arcadia Spectacular, say they are “Locked and loaded” for Bristol city centre with a new biofuel flame system running on recycled vegetable oil from Bristol chip shops. The team behind Arcadia say this

“This is what it’s always been about – an experimental alchemy of ideas, creating magic from waste materials – a magic made real when shared with thousands.

The world has never seen a biofuel SFX system before and the R&D has gone on for years to get the technology up and running.
The new flame system has a different feel to it with a whole new spectrum of atmospherics… and all powered by reclaimed resources, something we’re immensely proud of
arcadia bristolOn Sunday – 10 am – 4pm – while we’re setting up and rehearsing – there will be a family and children’s day in Queen Square organised by AT BRISTOL – so if you fancied a day out with the kids – please do head down.

Huge thanks to Bristol 2015 – European Green Capital for all their help and support with the conversion”

Take a look at the video here

Arcadia host two massive shows on September 4th and 5th in Bristol. More here

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