What We Do – Green Initiatives – 8th Plate

Want to reduce waste at your event?

  • Get in touch with NCASS
  • Read the information sent over 8 decide if this is doable for your event
  • Contact your traders, appeal for an ambassador
  • Secure ambassador (they will take the food off site to a pre—arranged charity)
  • Look into using volunteers or the caterers bringing their surplus to the ambassador
  • Inform caterers of the project. To estimate the types of waste have them fill in the spreadsheet.
  • Research charities 8 contact to arrange the drop off
  • Send volunteers instructions
  • Ensure the caterers or volunteers know where the ambassadors are positioned
  • A few hours before the festival closes go round all the traders to gauge what sort of waste they have
  • Check, record 8 collect the surplus
  • Store it correctly in the ambassadors van
  • Ambassador drives it off site and drops it at the charity
  • Food salvage complete

How do I get involved?

Who is 8th Plate reducing waste for?