Tens of thousands of jobs could be created in the next decade through investment in the UK’s wind and marine energy sectors. According to a new joint report, by RenewableUK and Energy & Utility Skills, up to 115,000 full time jobs could be created but this will require vast investment by both business and Government to create the infrastructure.

Birmingham City Council is to announce this week it has made huge progress on its carbon cutting drive.  The council, in partnership with 33 Birmingham based organizations has exceeded carbon cutting targets.  A full report is due before the council’s Climate Change and Sustainability Cabinet Committee, which is expected to show a cut of 155,059 tonnes of CO2, beating its target of 130,000 tonnes for 2010 to 2011.

Antarctica is the coldest most desolate place on Earth and is buried beneath a two mile thick ice cap – but it used to be a tropical paradise for 100 million years –  and only got cold in fairly recently (well in geological  terms anyway). This is because fifty five million years ago there were 1000 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – compared to 390 ppm now. Mind you, the 390 ppm  is rapid;y growing (up from 280ppm before the industrial revolution) so we’re warming up again – although this time it’s man made and much much quicker than previous changes..  When the CO2 count gets to 500 ppm, the ice caps will fully melt and we will have a ‘hot, drowned World’.

A redundant tin mine has been brought into the modern era by being transformed into what is claimed to be the UK’s largest ever solar farm.  The farm, which claims to be the first in the south west of England, boasts 5,680 solar panels and is called the Wheal Jane solar farm.  This week the site, covering a 7.2 acre plot in Truro, Cornwall, was connected to the grid in by UK-based solar developer Lightsource Renewable Energy (LRE).  Capable of generating up to 1.4 MW farm, which according to LRE, would make it the biggest in the UK to date.

Carbon budgets are at risk from a plethora of permits in the market, according to energy minister Chris Huhne. New research has revealed an estimated 1.9 billion tonne oversupply by 2020 of carbon permits in European Union Emissions Trading System (ETS).  According to the Sandbag Climate Campaign 77% of installations covered by ETS currently have a surplus of carbon permits.

Sutton United Football Club is going green for the start of the new season by becoming the first football team in the world to measure and reduce its carbon emissions according to a recognised standard.  After being promoted to the Blue Square Bet South League (Conference South) last season, Sutton United is looking to up its game both on and off the pitch by becoming Planet Positive certified. The certification will assess the electricity and gas consumption at the club’s ground.  To kick things off, Sutton United will aim to reduce its impact on the environment through a simple behaviour change plan. Players and staff will be encouraged to adopt greener lifestyles that benefit the environment and the club.


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