RSA announce Camp Bestival speakers

//RSA announce Camp Bestival speakers

RSA announce Camp Bestival speakers

The RSA have announced three speakers for Camp Bestival  2011 , Rob da Banks fabulous family friendly festival.  Author, ‘freegan’ and  environmental activist Tristram Stuart, writer and communities expert Harry Hemming and Idler founder Tom Hodgkinson will each be speaking – and topics being covered include how to best use our resorces, how to eliminate waste, how to cooperate and work together and how to be more capable and self reliant. Camp Bestival runs from Friday 29th July to  Sunday 31st July at Lulworth Castle in Dorset.

  • Friday 29th July, 10.30am Tristram Stuart on Being Less Wasteful
  • Saturday 30th July, 10.30am Henry Hemming on Being More Cooperative
  • Saturday 31st July, 10.30am Tom Hodgkinson on Being More Capable
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