Stop the dolphin slaughter

//Stop the dolphin slaughter

Stop the dolphin slaughter

Is it OK to kill dolphins and pilot whales because the International Whaling Commission  says they are “small” cetaceans and so not protected by whaling bans?  NO!!!

Here’s some photos of the protest organised  by London Against Cetacean Slaughter  outside the Japanese Embassy on the 1st September as part of a global demonstration which saw co-ordinated events in other European cities and in New Zealand, Australia and the US as part of a movement that recognises that more needs to be done to protect our oceans and marine life.

Taiji - the bloody cover

Ric O’Barry’s seminal documentary “The Cove” brought the yearly dolphin capture and slaughter in Taiji, Japan to a wider and horrified audience – but the slaughter it still continues. On the 1st September the new season started in Japan. The capture and slaughter in Taiji is particularly brutal with painful lingering deaths from spiking for the 20,000 dolphins who are not “lucky” enough to be selected as specimens to be sold to dolphinariums round the World. The saying “dolphins are dying to entertain you” is sadly true. The slaughtered dolphins enter the food chain as “whale meat”. Campaigners are also highlighting the slaughter of pilot whales in the North Sea by Faroe Island whalers in what they call “the Grind”

Dolphins and whales are apex predators and are a critical part of the ecosystem, which in many parts of the world are now showing signs of serious environmental damage and a number of species are listed as endangered and  we need to ensure that these barbaric practices are stopped as we seek to establish a more sustainable marine ecosystems and protect the oceans.

This blog from an article sent to us by Paul R. Photos: London Against Cetacean Slaughter and

Protest at the Japanese Embassy, London, 1st September 2011

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