Last Jubilee cancelled at the last minute

//Last Jubilee cancelled at the last minute

Last Jubilee cancelled at the last minute

The Last Jubilee festival, due to be held at Bath Racecourse this weekend and featuring a host of punk bands including The Damned, Buzzcocks, Eddie & The Hot Rods, 999, Menace, The Rezillos, UK subs, The Ignerents, Chelsea, Ruts DC, Glen Matlock and The Vibrators. On the official website ( organisers blame the local council and the venue “Dark Establishment Figures put brakes on alternative Jubilee Event” saying “The spirit of 1977 has shown it’s ugly side with Bath Council putting a cancellation notice on the Last Jubilee event being held at Bath racecourse 2,3,4 June 2012. Using spurious health & safety legislation and by delaying their decision until today (31-5-2012) has meant that their ridiculous claims and pathetic demands could The miniscule issues that the venue and the local council had could easily have been dealt with if their notice of cancellation had been delivered in time. They chose to wait until today to do this, giving the organisers no time to put right the minor issues that were raised.”

However Bath Racecourse posted their own press release online ( ) saying “The racecourse had agreed to provide the venue for the event, entitled The Last Jubilee. The Last Jubilee was an external event, organised and managed by a company in no way affiliated to the racecourse. Unfortunately, the organisers have failed to fulfil their contractual obligations and the racecourse has taken the difficult decision to withdraw the use of the venue due to breach of contract and health and safety concerns“.

Interestingly one of the bands on the bill, SickNote have said on their website that they were contacted a week before the event by the organisers (via Facebook) who said that “we have had to take the decision to reduce your fee by 50%” although two weekend passes for the event were offered to the band. More on the background to the event and its run up – in this interesting and seemingly well researched blog

Bath and Somerset North East Somerset Council has issued a separate statement saying  (according to reports) ” it has not been involved with the cancellation of the event and that it has not expressed any concerns about its nature” and a spokesman added: “The council has spent a significant amount of time with the police and other local stakeholders to help facilitate the event and give it every chance of success.”  There also seems to have been noise issues resulting from a dance music event also held at Bath Racecourse two weeks ago. Four children’s charities were meant to have benefited from the event. It is not clear of the event will be rescheduled with organisers Jamonit Events Ltd saying “The promoters and organisers of The Last Jubilee have asked for patience and understanding from the ticket holders and performers as they try and rearrange this event as soon as possible”.


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