We want to big up the PlanetStove

//We want to big up the PlanetStove

We want to big up the PlanetStove

Our US Awards co-ordinator Lee has told us about an exciting new eco-project he has  been working on –  PlanetStoves; it’s a cooking stoves that save lives, fight climate change, and help the poorest families in developing nations.  Please visit the newly launched crowd-source funding campaign at Indiegogo.

Lee says that after two years of R&D, test marketing, and and keen feedback from customers – PlanetStove now have a meritable efficient & smokeless hybrid biochar cooking stove, a solid team in the USA and in China, and they already have a few happy customers in six remote Chinese villages.  And PlanetStove have launched the campaign to take their stoves to a modest next-level. The goal is to distribute 1,000 stoves throughout East Asia this autumn.

The World Health Organization says two billion people around the world cook their food on indoor fires, and because of this two million people die prematurely each year, all because of indoor air pollution. And PlanetStove have the means to change that. We hope you will visit the campaign, comment, and share it with your eco-minded friends.  If enough of us get behind it, Lee says that we can make the ‘PlanetStove: Hybrid Biochar Cooking Stove’ campaign a success! www.indiegogo.com/PlanetStove Thank you!

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