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A Greener Festival Launch Associate Membership

AGF-Affiliate-Member-LogoSince A Greener Festival began, it has worked to help festivals to become more sustainable, reward best practice, and to raise the profile of sustainability issues amongst festival goers and industry. We have assessed over 300 festivals worldwide, connected with countless organisations and individuals who provide sustainable solutions to events, and delivered seminars, lectures, workshops and presentations to people passionate about lowering the environmental impact of the festival and events sector.

To mark 10 years since A Greener Festival came in to being, we are launching AGF Associate Membership, as a way to connect and consolidate the many groups and individuals seeking to make a difference. We invite event organisers, the wider industry, organisations and individuals who share our aims to join and support us.

Associate Members are not only demonstrating the commitment and support for the Greener Festival aims and objectives, but will also receive the following benefits:

  • Have use of the AGF ASSOCIATE LOGO
  • Discount admittance to any AGF organised events and first refusal to exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities. (Including the upcoming Green Events & Innovations Conference, 3rd March 2016, London)
  • Access to information and advice about improving your events environmental sustainability.
  • Be featured as a supporter and linked on agreenerfestival.com
  • Demonstrate to the industry and stakeholders that you adhere to the AGF Associate Member code of conduct.
  • Have access to the AGF online group where you can communicate directly with the participating event organisers, assessors and other associate members of A Greener Festival.
  • Gain positive PR by association to a cause that exists solely for the ongoing improvement and durability of the events industry and movement of our society towards one that can be sustained within our means.
  • Make it possible for A Greener Festival to continue its work to support event organisers no matter how small, to provide advice and training, to make detailed on site assessment of events, to contribute to industry wide knowledge and benchmarking, and to promote sustainable event issues both within industry and publicly.

Associate membership to A Greener Festival is tiered based upon the EU definitions of a small / medium or large company as follows:

MICRO = £200 per annum (< 10 Employees, < €2m TURNOVER, < €2m BALANCE SHEET)

SMALL = £500 per annum (< 50 Employees, < €10m TURNOVER, < €10m BALANCE SHEET)

MEDIUM = £1000 per annum (<250 Employees, < €50m TURNOVER, < €50m BALANCE SHEET)

By applying for Associate Membership you agree to the Terms & Conditions, and adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Membership to run from 5th  Jan to 4th Jan, automatically renewed annually unless cancelled.

To register go to our Associate Members section on the website, or contact us for more information on hello@agreenerfestival.com.

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